GUII Lab Members

Professor of Computational Media

Vice Chair of Serious Games Program

HEVGA Fellow

Johannes Pfau

Postdoctoral Fellow

Guy Timpanaro
Software Engineer

Andy Bryant
Software Engineer (part-time)

Erica Kleinman
PhD student

Zhaoqing Teng
PhD Student

Reza Habibi
PhD student

Atieh Kashani
PhD student

Jonattan Holmes
PhD student

GUII-EAST (Northeastern University)

Sabbir Ahmad
PhD student
(Co-supervised with Assistant Prof. Ehsan Elhamifar)

Nathan Partlan
PhD student
(Co-supervised with Prof. Stacy Marcella)

Abdelrahman Madkour
PhD student
(Co-supervised with Prof. Stacy Marcella)

Joshua Miller
PhD student
(Co-supervised with Prof. Seth Cooper)


Bert Davies

Ronald Chhua


Elin Carstensdottir
Assistant Professor Computational Media, UCSC

Zhengxing Chen
Research Scientist Facebook AI

Truong-Huy Nguyen
Software Engineer Google

Dylan Schouten
DIGIT GameStudios
Game User Researcher

Paola Rizzo
Managing Director at Interagens, Italy

Shree Subramanian
Sr. Technical Product Manager, AWS, Amazon

David Milam
Principle Experience Researcher

Joseph Zupko
Principle Software Engineer
Demriuge Studios

Murtuza N. Shergadwala
Data Scientist focusing on Explainable and Interpretable Machine Learning at

Nicolas Kychenthal
Intern for Summer

M. L. S. Chandra Moulika
Intern from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Chaima Jemmali
Gameplay Engineer at Ubisoft

Sarah Bunian

Computer System Analyst

Computer System Analyst at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

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