Past Projects

Human-in-the-loop interface to infer intent from behavior logs through visualization of probabilistic models that can be corrected by human experts.

May's journey is a game developed to teach intro to programming concepts through a fun activity of playing a game.

Understanding human perceptions regarding AI and data science.

This series of projects investigate how to integrate theory of mind and social intelligence augmenting AI systems and explainable AI.


Charles River Analytics

Funded Human-in-Loop Behavior Modeling and collaborated on the project.

National Science Foundation

Funded OPM and May's Journey projects.

James McDonnell Foundation

Funded Resilience Project - Reducing Health Inequalities with AI

Provided a gift to the GUII Lab


Funded Human-in-Loop Behavior Modeling


Funded Social Intelligence and Theory of Mind

Collaborating on UX of AI project.


Collaborating on May's Journey.

Co-Design Lab, UC Berkeley, led by Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Collaborating on Social Intelligence and Theory of Mind